all2com Project Governance
all2com Project Governance
all2com Project Governance
all2com Project Governance
all2com Project Governance

Based on IT standards, Agile4com the methodology dedicated to Digital Signage and DooH, will lead your project until end-to-end success

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When starting a project, the first goal to keep in mind is to make clients and providers in the same goal line and that is to deliver a project seamless to what the client wants, within budget and on time. We keep no other interests than client’s ones, we deliver in full transparency and the client has full access to documents and selected providers further RFP’s process.

In all2com we use a proprietary method branded Agile4com based on standards and coping with three main phases to: assess, develop and operate DS & DooH projects in a safe way. All of this provides a project governance that is shared between client, providers and all2com to lead the full team towards success in all project phases.

It is the client’s choice to start and finish at any phase of the methodology. However, in case that all2com has not started the project, a due diligence process is mandatory to recover the project and set it up to all2com standards.


More than 20 years experience in Digital Signage, DooH and project management, our team is keen to provide your company with the best consulting and business solutions.

all2com is a service company working on Digital Signage (DS) & more specifically on Digital out of Home (DooH). The company all2com uses a proprietary method, Agile4com, to deliver consultancy and training services.

  • Approach
    all2com approach

    all2com approach is to care about our client’s interest which means best solution at best cost. To reach this target we always think client’s revenue first! all2com’s relations with providers, although very good, are leading the propositions always to the clients benefit (i.e.: avoid unnecessary purchases or at the contrary raise missing ones).

  • Expertise
    all2com expertise

    all2com expertise, thru the expert team, is on the IT, marketing and advertising. The use of a method makes the relationship with clients very efficient and clear in all aspects. all2com can support the client in different ways: strategics, development and operations, delivering measurable results based on commitments taken in the very first phases that the client and all2com sign off.

  • Differentiator
    all2com differentiator

    all2com's differentiator is to go beyond the fences and make sure that every important module is included in the solution such as: marketing, sales, financial, legal, security, measurements.

    Thru its unique selling proposition to clients and no acceptance of collateral revenues from IT providers, all2com puts a stick in the ground on its engagement, acting in full transparency (Open books).

All of these considerations which are over the technology must be controlled and organized within the project and they define all2com's key differentiator as an integrator. all2com is being technology agnostic and focused on client’s revenues before costs and investments for the sake of customer’s benefits. all2com is an independent company acting in different countries and delivering in three different languages: English, French and Spanish.

All team members are Digital Signage certified by DSEG

Carlos Bages

Carlos Bages

DooH Expert

Francesc Cones

Francesc Cones

Advertising Expert

Belinda Bages

Belinda Bages

Digital Expert

Certified Adwords

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