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Gana dinero en los proyectos DS – DooH

Para realizar un proyecto exitoso, siempre se ha utilizado una metodología incluyendo estándares. El mercado de la IT (Information Technology) es un ejemplo para demostrar el uso de las metodologías y de los estándares (Prince, ITIL, Cobit, Agile, …). Hemos realizado un video que os permite en menos de dos minutos conocer de qué se trata.

Para profundizar este tema podéis bajar el White Paper: Gana dinero en los proyectos Digital Signage.

En all2com, hemos creado Agile4com que permite tomar un proyecto desde su inicio, desarrollandolo y pasándolo con toda seguridad a operaciones. Podéis bajar el manual de usuario que se encuentra en la biblioteca all2com. También proponemos cursos de uso de la metodología en función de los requisitos del cliente como por ejemplo la certificación.


How to choose a Digital Signage/DooH Consultant

adminWhen do you need a consultant in your DS / DooH projects?

There are two main situation that may lead you to make a choice for some kind of support:

  1. At the very beginning of your Digital Signage / DooH project
  2. When your company requires some expertise in a specific issue

In both cases you better off to check some basics that will avoid you disappointments:

  • No preferred links between what he has to manage and suppliers (agnosticism)
  • References of the consultant in its expertise. Certifications (DSEG)
  • Prices aligned with the market (price cap)
  • Methodologies with associated tools and processes
  • Full solution coverage: Marketing, Technology, financials, legal

The Digital Signage is one of the most complex industry that currently exist and as a paradox it’s considered as one of the simplest just looking at the screen and forgetting the rest. What are the different elements of expertise that a project requires:

  • Specific knowledge in the different verticals (Retail, health, corporate, banking…)
  • Traffic analysis and technical design (client’s briefing)
  • Content creativity & management
  • IT design & management
  • Telecoms
  • Financials & legal analysis
  • Measurements
  • Project management
  • Service management

Profiles required by clients who have decided to claim for support and then consultancy: Business analyst, project director and service manager.

The right method is to support clients decisions at the different phases of any project: Viability, implementation and operations. To remind the client that before any investment or expense he needs first to think “revenues” and make sure that the balance (ROI) will be analyzed and justified in any case. To provide full transparency all along the project and pass any audit especially between the consultant and the selected providers.

Any consultant that says to his client that he will provide its services for free is that he will be paid by another source and then the project will be in danger. Don’t confuse integrator and consultant.

An integrator is a sort of project manager that mounts the puzzle specified in the proposed solution. In most of the cases his profile is technic and that’s all. Most of the time is part of the technology provider or distributor. The service is presented as free consultancy but in fact the consultant wage slip is included in the goods final price.

A consultant has a global view of the solution and makes sure that his client will receive all required information to validate the solution on the financials, legal, marketing and finally on the technology parts. The consultant’s engagement is far higher as he commits on the project’s viability, on the costs, delivery planning, training and support operations. The consultant works with integrators and make sure that they best fit with client’s expectations thru RFPs. This RFx process is highly recommended since the providers are plethoric and solutions are not unique.

There are few independent and agnostic consultants in the DS/DooH industry, all2com is part of them. As key differentiator, all2com has developed its own methodology based on industry standards. Our services enable your company to raise the project at the IT governance level and make sure that it includes all KPIs and Business Scorecards required by the corporate level of your organization.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us thru the web: www.all2com.com