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Why is Digital Signage & DooH so overused

digital_signage_duty_freeRecently I’ve been invited in a meeting with a Media Owner (MO) about its development on the Digital side of the out of Home (ooH). This media owner is one of the top five in the Spanish industry. During the debate he demonstrated all of his expertise in the advertising market segment. While the meeting was entering in a pre-negotiation phase the MO’s leader said:

well, Digital Signage / DooH is not rocket science!

I was completely amazed by the lack of knowledge and sensitivity that this big guy had of its market, with a perception that the totems to be developed in the business are like setting up a TV screen at home.

After more than 30 years experience (in different markets) I’ve raised the DooH at the most difficult business to manage.

Let me file here a list of areas that you need to manage in order to make a DooH project successful:


  1. Customer needs analysis

  2. Marketing assessment

  3. Design (draft)

  4. Viability plan


  1. Final design (after negotiation)

  2. Agreed project plan (commitments and sign off)

  3. Project Management

  4. Handover to Operations


  1. Operations (Network management & Customer Management)

  2. Service Management (3rd parties, escalations and dashboards reporting to C-levels)

  3. Business best practice (corrective actions for improvements thru projects)

In order to do so, you better off to get expertise on: business development, marketing, sales, legal, creativity, engineering, project management, service management and only at the end technology or IT.

The technology is quite simple to manage compared to other areas like building an efficient “viability plan” (some are using the term of business plan).

Facing the DS/DooH challenge either you decide to make it based on costs or on revenues and then look at the balance to make your mind up.

Don’t forget providers will generate costs that is their commercial targets!

And always, anytime, every milestone of your project, stay focused on one topic: your revenues (all of them including collateral ones)!

Gana dinero en los proyectos DS – DooH

Para realizar un proyecto exitoso, siempre se ha utilizado una metodología incluyendo estándares. El mercado de la IT (Information Technology) es un ejemplo para demostrar el uso de las metodologías y de los estándares (Prince, ITIL, Cobit, Agile, …). Hemos realizado un video que os permite en menos de dos minutos conocer de qué se trata.

Para profundizar este tema podéis bajar el White Paper: Gana dinero en los proyectos Digital Signage.

En all2com, hemos creado Agile4com que permite tomar un proyecto desde su inicio, desarrollandolo y pasándolo con toda seguridad a operaciones. Podéis bajar el manual de usuario que se encuentra en la biblioteca all2com. También proponemos cursos de uso de la metodología en función de los requisitos del cliente como por ejemplo la certificación.


DS – DooH Project Inception to Operations

Capture d’écran 2014-12-20 à 11.33.07You are a: company, media agency, media seller or simply interested on how to manage a Digital Signage project, all2com offers you a method handbook that shows you the way to professionally deliver a pre-project, project and post-project.

This document is based on recommendations coming from the: Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), Agile, ITIL and seven key elements (DSEG). The document, thru its numerous guidelines, aims to avoid mistakes, saving time, hence money when starting, developing and operating a DS solution.

Read more: http://tinyurl.com/ns5jes4




Measurements, is one of the most controversial subject in Digital Signage. There is a niche that has been taken by a number of providers since 2005, where the proposal, as in general in Digital Signage, is coming from the push side (providers) of the DS market rather than the pull one (clients). So in this white paper, all2com has made the exercise to take into our account what the clients are expecting from measurements and how they will be used efficiently, despite the current technology offer. There are also recommendations on how to best manage measurements and dashboards.

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Corporate communication is one of the tightest subjects that a company has to tackle. Earlier in the 50’s the communication in a company was just meeting once a year with the company’s president and that is it. Nowadays, technology has provided us by a myriad of tools that provide us information in “real time” giving to it the central point of our corporate behaviour. Internet is the key network that submits billions of information on daily basis. The users can receive and request information using different tools: PCs, mobiles, pads, screens and so on. The company in most of the cases is a bit lost and CMOs must understand much more the technology impact. It is the role of the communication consultant to gather both the CMO and CTO to design the perfect Corporate Communication System (CCS) and then defend it in front of the CEO and CFO. In this White Paper we define the different tools and organisation for developing and operating a CCS.

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Digital Signage and Agile


Starting a new Digital Signage (DS) project means quite a lot of attention and professionalism to achieve targets, that any owner has in mind: On budget and on time.

Keeping in mind that a project needs to be developed and then operate, it is very important to make the right choice for recommendations and standards to be used. A good project manager will always care about the short term deliveries but also on the continuous engagement as service manager, that he must prove in the next phase: operations.

Although in all2com we provide all of our deliveries thru a proprietary method Agile4com, based on three different recommendations and standard which are adapted in the methodology in three different phases (pre-project, project and post-project), we would like to explain the choice of Agile for the development of any DS project but more specifically the DooH (Digital Out Of Home).

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