Nouvelle vague publicitaire

La publicité extérieure (ooH out of Home), serait-elle la base de la restructuration publicitaire ?

L’organisation desdigital_signage_duty_free marchés publicitaires “Above the Line” et “Below the Line” est en pleine restructuration à cause d’un impact technologique important. Le marché numérique publicitaire DooH qui a pris forme depuis plus de 10 ans se transforme peu à peu en CooH, c.a.d: Connected out of Home.

La publicité extérieure appartient habituellement au segment “offline” mais l’avènement du “C” sur le marché ooH a provoqué un changement, lá aussi, sur cette segmentation transformant la publicité extérieure en un savant mélange de “offline” et de “online”.

0_0_460_http___172.17.115.180_82_News_sureshandmauricioIl y a quelques jours, la Direction de Kinetic a fait un voyage d’étude en Inde pour découvrir les transformations que ce pays est en train d’apporter à la publicité extérieure. Hormis les solutions désormais classiques (communication entre les panneaux publicitaires et les mobiles des passants), l’article fait état de l’arrivée des drones sur ce marché.

all2com s’interroge sur ce petit jouet (les drones) qui est en passe de devenir un appareil professionnel. L’intérêt immédiat pour all2com est de voir comment l’utiliser afin d’améliorer les tableaux de bord DooH/CooH que l’on présente aux annonceurs.

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A new year, a new web, a new way to communicate…

all2com has decided to start 2016 with a new web fashion including a number of changes that hopefully will give you a better understanding of our services and differentiators.

Beyond the new shape of the web and leveraged by its blog and all social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+), all2com has included a structured library, gathering: articles, white papers, presentations and videos (currently in its inception phase).

I am delighted to explain all of this in the following short video and hope that we will meet soon on line or live.

Carlos Bages

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Being a Digital Signage professionnal

DSEG Logo 2013all2com is responsible for the DSEG in EMEA and as such will train and certify you. This will prepare you to face any Digital Signage industry requirements.

The only recognized certification program in the worldwide digital signage industry! Becoming a Digital Signage Certified Expert will provide you recognition of your professional achievement and qualifications. You can be confident in your skills, and your customers can have confidence in your abilities to complete a project with outstanding results.

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DS – DooH Project Inception to Operations

Capture d’écran 2014-12-20 à 11.33.07You are a: company, media agency, media seller or simply interested on how to manage a Digital Signage project, all2com offers you a method handbook that shows you the way to professionally deliver a pre-project, project and post-project.

This document is based on recommendations coming from the: Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), Agile, ITIL and seven key elements (DSEG). The document, thru its numerous guidelines, aims to avoid mistakes, saving time, hence money when starting, developing and operating a DS solution.

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Digital Signage Opportunity or Threat


The Digital Signage market seems very simple at first view, but the reality is that it is a labyrinth of interconnected and complex technologies where the challenge involves immersion and total understanding. Many companies that sell this technology face this challenge but do they fully understand exactly what a Digital Signage project consists of in order to be able to adequately advise? Can they create an effective use of the technologies that will have measurable results?

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DooH project in a transport vertical market

Presentación1In 2014, my client Globally, had the opportunity to be part of a RFP initiated by the Metropolitan Transport Company in Madrid (EMT). The EMT launched a Call For Tender early 2014 to get a provider to manage all the advertising inside its more than 2000 buses. The RFP included three different media: DooH, ooH and mobile. Globally hired all2com to manage the RFP and make sure to win it. Our company, all2com, has been acting as project director to organize a team of 5 persons and a list of more than 20 providers to provide a series of documents and tools that made Globally successful. At the end of the year 2014 (last quarter), Globally has been notified that the project was awarded to them.

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