DS – DooH contents strategy and method

Digital Signage and related models have reached a level of maturity that starts to interest advertisers and Media Agencies. Big Media Owners are conscious that technology is not all and have started to make efforts to improve the level of efficiency on their contents. However, to make a content attractive, hence efficient, a lot of themes and techniques must be understood and controlled. all2com has gathered experience and also techniques to write a WP on contents.

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Technical support on contents and screens

RMG_Image_3-11-2015_-_2As you know I’m currently working on contents and how to start this important part of any DS/DooH project. While reading my daily posts on the different groups, The Digital Screen Media Association (DSMA) published today a very interesting post on the choice of a screen, looking at requirements that are not only technical but coming from marketing or at least audience issues that have to be managed when a project starts.

That reminds me how important the SoR (Statement of Requirements), briefings and audience issues are. Thanks to DSMA for sharing a best practice that surely I’ll use on my continuous improvement and updates on my method.