Being a Digital Signage professionnal

DSEG Logo 2013all2com is responsible for the DSEG in EMEA and as such will train and certify you. This will prepare you to face any Digital Signage industry requirements.

The only recognized certification program in the worldwide digital signage industry! Becoming a Digital Signage Certified Expert will provide you recognition of your professional achievement and qualifications. You can be confident in your skills, and your customers can have confidence in your abilities to complete a project with outstanding results.

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DS – DooH contents strategy and method

Digital Signage and related models have reached a level of maturity that starts to interest advertisers and Media Agencies. Big Media Owners are conscious that technology is not all and have started to make efforts to improve the level of efficiency on their contents. However, to make a content attractive, hence efficient, a lot of themes and techniques must be understood and controlled. all2com has gathered experience and also techniques to write a WP on contents.

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Digital Signage/DooH Training & Certifications

In earlier 2000′s a few people were informed of what Digital Signage (DS) could bring to the different verticals included in this industry. As a pioneers, the screen providers started to explain what a flat screen could provide to the communication market segment and that was not an easy task. Then a few companies investigated how this flat panels could bring them revenues whatever they could be either direct or collateral ones. At this time of the DS adventure, actors either clients or providers initiated their experience and they were all self made man.

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