A new year, a new web, a new way to communicate…

all2com has decided to start 2016 with a new web fashion including a number of changes that hopefully will give you a better understanding of our services and differentiators.

Beyond the new shape of the web and leveraged by its blog and all social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+), all2com has included a structured library, gathering: articles, white papers, presentations and videos (currently in its inception phase).

I am delighted to explain all of this in the following short video and hope that we will meet soon on line or live.

Carlos Bages

Read the video here : https://youtu.be/S3dS9tUaTTI


Digital Signage Opportunity or Threat


The Digital Signage market seems very simple at first view, but the reality is that it is a labyrinth of interconnected and complex technologies where the challenge involves immersion and total understanding. Many companies that sell this technology face this challenge but do they fully understand exactly what a Digital Signage project consists of in order to be able to adequately advise? Can they create an effective use of the technologies that will have measurable results?

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DS – DooH contents strategy and method

Digital Signage and related models have reached a level of maturity that starts to interest advertisers and Media Agencies. Big Media Owners are conscious that technology is not all and have started to make efforts to improve the level of efficiency on their contents. However, to make a content attractive, hence efficient, a lot of themes and techniques must be understood and controlled. all2com has gathered experience and also techniques to write a WP on contents.

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Measurements, is one of the most controversial subject in Digital Signage. There is a niche that has been taken by a number of providers since 2005, where the proposal, as in general in Digital Signage, is coming from the push side (providers) of the DS market rather than the pull one (clients). So in this white paper, all2com has made the exercise to take into our account what the clients are expecting from measurements and how they will be used efficiently, despite the current technology offer. There are also recommendations on how to best manage measurements and dashboards.

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